• We are a purely Czech company providing services in Automotive since 2005. We currently have six brick-and-mortar branches expanded with additional mobile teams. As a standard, we cover the entire Czech Republic and at the same time we are able to secure orders in & nbsp; EU countries.

    We have a stable team of 500 employees and we are currently expanding it.

    We secure long-term orders, while we are flexible and able to respond to current customer needs. The structure of the team is clearly defined, we carry out orders under the guidance of an experienced supervisor and team leaders of individual teams at specific workplaces. All our employees are properly trained in the workplace and easily identifiable thanks to the company's work clothes.

    • Business risks and damages are covered by insurance taken out with ČPP.
    • We apply a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard when providing our services.

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