Sorting, quality control and measurement
  • Input, output, inter-operational controls

  • Statistical acceptance

  • Customer Ordered Control (CSL 1 and 2)

  • 100% sorting

  • Measurement - we have digital calipers, digital micrometer, steel length gauges, feeler gauges, Johanson gauges, etc.

  • Testing the functionality of components

Repair, rework
  • Repairs (available: micro soldering stations, hand drills, grinders, hand tool sets - screwdrivers, files, knives, magnifiers, etc.)

  • Deburring, deburring, sawing

  • Cleaning, degreasing and rust removal of parts

  • Minor part repairs & nbsp;

Resident services
  • solving quality problems on the production line

  • Analysis of identified problems and transmission of information

  • Representing the company in solving problems and complaints

  • Preventive control and elimination of discrepancies

Logistics support
  • Customer support in the logistics process

  • Checking the accuracy of logistics data, including packaging regulations

  • Handling, packaging, control of handling equipment